Plutos Sama Holdings, Inc

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Your Trusted General Partner for Institutional Distressed Asset Purchasing

Plutos Sama Holdings, Inc. (“Plutos”) is a private equity company in the business of taking control positions in residential and commercial real estate ventures, micro-lending, securitizations, law firms, restaurants, mortgage servicing, and e-sports and online gaming. Plutos also acts as a general partner to institutional investors in consortium bidding and distressed assets, as well as structured product formations.

Past Representative Matters

  • 1 2012–2018 - Represented large private equity and hedge fund consortium(s) in bidding on HUD, Fannie Mae, and Freddie Mac auctions for residential, nonperforming loans in auctions from circa $300,000,000 through $1,000,000,000 including hardest‑hit community auctions from 2012 through 2018.
  • 2 2012 - Represented a client in the hostile takeover of a back‑office mortgage foreclosure servicing platform valued over $30,000,000, successfully assisted them in placing $11,000,000 in equity, and purchased the assets in an insider UCC bankruptcy bid for the client to emerge with a clean and performing asset.
  • 3 2009 – 2014 - Successfully assisted a multibillion-dollar asset manager as general counsel in the setup of a $2,500,000,000 receivable management company, purchasing and monetizing non-performing secured and unsecured consumer receivables in the US markets, and managed multiple mergers and acquisitions to complete vertical integration of all service providers used by the client.
  • 4 2014 - Assisted in a $20,000,000 raise for core operations from a consortium of family offices.
  • 5 2015 - Represented a client in the purchase of a $209,000,000 Residential Mortgage-Backed Securitization ("RMBS") from the Royal Bank of Scotland.
  • 6 Represented a client in the purchase of several consumer receivable servicing and management companies, and several foreclosure firms in the United States and Central and Eastern Europe with book values in excess of $10,000,000.
  • 7 2016 – 2021 - Represented client(s) in the bidding and purchasing of banks and distressed assets from banks in Central and Eastern Europe from the United States, involving multiple jurisdictions and cross border structures including Poland, Montenegro, Croatia, Hungary, Romania, The Czech Republic, London, and Germany.
  • 8 2016 – 2019 - Represented clients in multiple RMBS asset sales of re-performing loans to large institutional buyers
  • 9 2016 – 2018 - Represented clients in cooperation with regional counsel from Poland and Luxemburg in the formation of Polish securitizations through Luxemburg tax vehicle for distressed asset auctions on the following bids, and drafted joint venture agreements for multibillion-dollar institutional hedge funds for seven different auctions involving over $7,000,000,000 in face assets.
  • 10 2018 - Represented a client in the purchase and joint ventures with multiple US and European mortgage origination and servicing operations.
  • 11 2018 - Represented a client and their multibillion-dollar institutional limited partners in the bid of a large bank and servicer in Central and Eastern Europe circa $750,000,000.
  • 12 2018 - Represented a client in the closing of a $30,000,000 capital call for QIB bond purchases of RMBS.
  • 13 2018 - Represented a client with limited partners in the review and due diligence of $50,000,000,000 in non-performing loan auctions through the World Bank in Ukraine.
  • 14 2018 - Represented clients in the offering of a Series A for over $30,000,000.
  • 15 2019 - Represented a client in the closing and financing of a $350,000,000 purchase and development project of a German restaurant chain for development in the United States.
  • 16 Represented an affiliated client in the bidding and stock purchase agreement of a major online gaming studio valued at over $1,000,000,000.
  • 17 Represented a client in the drafting and closing of a joint venture agreement to develop application program interfaces embedding online food service delivery to eSports and online gaming studios valued at over $1,000,000,000.
  • 18 Represented a client in managing the wind down and closing of distressed companies requiring funding of over $6,000,000 and management of over 35 lawsuits in the United States.
  • 19 Represented clients in the recapitalization of direct operations circa $6.5mm USD.
Plutos Sama Holdings, Inc
Plutos Sama Holdings, Inc
Plutos Sama Holdings, Inc
Plutos Sama Holdings, Inc
Plutos Sama Holdings, Inc